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photo by Jom
the best photo ever taken of Malcolm Turnbull
Kristina Kenneally Linkedin photo by Jom

The best corporate headshots and Linkedin business photos in Sydney.

In 50 minutes I take a great photo of you and retouch it into a fantastic portrait immediately.
Right in front of you.
At the session.
No waiting.
Fast, and TOP quality.

the power of retouching

  “ ... In ONE 50 minute session,
you will leave with a finished,
retouched, awesome headshot
in 6 shapes and sizes
(including Linkedin)
All for $275 inc. GST

To have make-up done here adds
45 mins female/ 25 mins male



Sydney photographer Jom, featured on "A Current Affair" photographing actress Rowena Wallace... see video

Headshots are messengers that go out into the world and introduce you to others.

A good headshot can attract the opportunities you dream about.

A bad headshot can waste years of your life. That applies to corporate headshots as well as acting headshots!


A smart person puts their best foot forward. You don't see movie stars promoting themselves with photos like these!

awful headshots

Is your Linkedin photo like this?

May I suggest that you get the best possible photo of yourself?

That is where I can help.

In today's world nothing is more superficial than the internet. Including LinkedIn and Facebook. Did you know that people decide on others' attractiveness in less than a 40th of a second? That is less than the time required to consciously see an image. The mental processing is a sub-conscious process, unfolding at unbelievable speed, and it decides if you are attractive ... or not.

great headshots

I have some more bad news. Humans equate "good looking" with "trustworthy." We all do business with people we know and trust. Uploading a photo of yourself on to your internet presence will improve the "knowing" of you. But unless you have the attractiveness, you will not gain the TRUST.

You need to look better than you actually look!


A 33 second video - click it!

That is indeed my specialty. But looking fantastic in a portrait is not a simple procedure. Amazing lighting, and the appropriate facial expression are paramount. But a photograph can only reach a certain level without retouching. But nowadays people are very attuned to magazines and advertising with their image manipulation tricks. So you can no longer get away with amateur photoshop retouching.

In the hands of a master, Photoshop can be used in a subtle and expert way to make you look better, and in turn to improve your success in this superficial world.

... more below.


A slightly old video from 2011 - I’m still much the same!

I have 20 years of word-of-mouth rave recommendations. Jom Photo is the preferred photographer to the top people and companies in Sydney.

The studio is set up for one thing... Headshots. Beautiful lighting, a relaxing atmosphere, and amazing computer wizardry. You leave with finished images in one visit! Click through my website here for videos, tutorials and tons more info!

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