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Virtual Reality headshots by Jom

The best Linkedin headshots,
Business photos and
Corporate portraits in Sydney.


In 45 minutes I take a friendly
and trustworthy photo of you
and PHOTOSHOP it into an
amazing professional image.
Right in front of you.
At the session. No waiting.
Fast, TOP quality and
hand-made by an artist.

Samples of corporate headshots by Jom

Headshots are messengers that go out into the world and introduce you to others.

A good portrait can attract the opportunities you dream about.
A bad photo can waste years of your life.

Maybe you'll save a few pennies on a cheap headshot.
You will LOSE much more because of the poor impression you create with an inferior image.

A smart person uses their headshot as the cornerstone of their marketing.
You don't see professionals promoting themselves with photos like these below!

photo of awful headshots

  You get the photo
AT the session.
E-mailed it to you in 6 shapes
and sizes (including Linkedin)
For only $275 inc. GST.
We create a headshot
that is good for business
and should last 5 YEARS.
That's $1 a week to look


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Is your web image working FOR you or AGAINST you?

People decide on your attractiveness
in less than a 40th of a second.
That speed is impossible, therefore subconscious.
Viewers "feel" whether you are "trustworthy" ...
(symmetrical) ... or not.

Photoshop Retouching is good for business


Most people look OK in real life,
but terrible in a photo.

It is simply unfair that the soul is invisible.

If only some clever photographer could portray the inner person!!!

A 33 second video - click it!

I can help you succeed with a great photo.
I do it fast.
I do it right every time.

I have taken 1,000 photos a day for 30 years.
And I had the knack to begin with!


Making NON-supermodels look amazing is my specialty.

A fantastic portrait is not a simple procedure.

Incredible lighting, and a celestial expression are crucial.

But a photograph can only reach a certain level without retouching. Nowadays people are aware of magazines and advertising with their image manipulation trickery. You can no longer get away with Photoshop Disasters!

In the hands of a master, Photoshop can be used in a subtle and expert way to make you look a lot better: more symmetrical, younger (or older), happier and more likeable; and in turn to improve your success in this superficial world.

A slightly old video from 2011 - I’m still much the same!
I have 20 years of word-of-mouth rave recommendations. Jom Photo is the preferred supplier to the top companies and elite people in Sydney.

The studio is set up for one thing... beautiful Headshots.
State of the Art lighting equipment, a relaxing atmosphere, and mind boggling computer wizardry.

You leave with finished images in one visit! Click through my website here for videos, tutorials and tons more info!

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Sydney photographer Jom featured on "A Current Affair"
photographing actress Rowena Wallace...
Video Duration 90 seconds.

Jom Photo - the finest quality Corporate Headshots in Sydney.

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