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"the Twins"
"the Twins"
"the Twins"
"the Twins"
"the Twins"
"the Twins"
"the Twins"
"the Twins"
Cat Martin
Cat Martin
Cat Martin
Cat Martin
Cat Martin
Cat Martin
Adam Lubicz
Bronwen Gault
My Reputation.
(on seeing this image on the back of my camera, 2 minutes into the shoot)
Oh my God!
It all really comes together, doesn't it?
The make up, the lighting...
That's the best photo ever taken of me!!"
Kylie Francis. 29 / 10 / 2009

The comments below are copied from emails sent to me.
I have many, many more like these.
G'day Jom,
You must have read my mind! I was just writing this letter when yours came through...
Mate, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for such a wonderful day yesterday!
Really enjoyed hanging out. If only every shoot could be like that!
Thanks for taking the time to really get a feel for me and what works best.
The proof is in the end product which I am immensely happy with, as I'm sure you are too.
The world would be a better place if there were more photographers like you.
As a matter of interest I've already updated my website
(as enthused and inspired as I was after yesterday)
and I think you'll agree that your work really sets it all off.
Exactly what I was after! I've also put a couple of links to your site too ;)
(email continued)...
I'm all excited to do the rounds now and promote away...
Just gonna update my showreel with the new headshot and I'll get my arse over to Mullinars for sure.
Fingers crossed!
Chris   (opens in new tab)

Hello Jom,

I've been referred to you by Bronwen Gault, the agent of On Set Talent. Of course, as you may expect, she isn't the only person to have referred you.
You are rather famous!
I would like to schedule a headshot session with you..... etc

Nicole Mazurek - ACTOR
Hi Jom

I�m the ventriloquist....
Another few years have flown by � I think 3 years since you last took photos of me.
The last lot were fantastic and I have used them for everything,
People always comment that they are excellent photos.
Just wanted to get quote from you for a few things.
I need to get some new studio shots done for a new DVD I�m making.
Natalie Miller
Hi Jom,
Just to let you know I have had a couple of calls and emails from people telling me how fantastic you are and how pleased they are with their photos. Thank you, I know this is a busy time for you but so nice that you can remain so professional and keen to do our shots.
You're a gem!
Therese Clifford
Thanks so much for making our people look a million bucks.
We love your work and the response to the shots is consistently positive.
I'll keep them coming.
Daniel Lucas
Hi Jom,
Thanks so much for the photos the other day -
they look so fantastic!
I sent them along with their "resume" to Joan Gibson agency and within 45 minutes I got a missed call on my phone saying that the kids look so adorable in the photos and they wanted to meet the kids at an audition. They seemed extremely interested and kept on saying how cute the kids were - so thanks so much, that wouldn't have happened without your beautiful photos. Now we just hope the agency will like them when they have their audition. I will let you know in the next couple of days regarding a couple of photos that we would like to print (larger than normal size) for my dad's birthday.
Thanks again,
Kim and the twins

*NOTE: I have seen "the twins" on TV several times. If you look at the TVC for Panasonic where there are 2 kids playing on the lawn in a big cardboard box (from a TV set).... that's them.
To the jom family,
Kate and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for making Kate's photo shoot such a relaxing, rewarding and enjoyable experience.
Your outstanding professionalism was heightened by your genuine patience, care and kindness. The efforts you have gone to in making your website and workspace so warm and welcoming is very much appreciated.
Congratulations on your extraordinary work and best wishes for the future.
Kate and Chris
Rated as the best headshot photographer in Sydney
Thanks so much mate! I had a great afternoon the other day. You're fantastic! I've shown a few friends my proofs and they LOVE THEM! And they're chicks too...woo hoo! So no doubt you'll have about 4 more people calling you next time they need headshots.
So I'm going it to my agents tomorrow and we'll make a decision on one and I'll get back to you asap. Cheers mate!
Adam Lubicz
Hi Jom,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for the fantastic photo session the other week.
My agent Bron is thrilled with the range of looks and we both love my new headshot!
Thank you for being so great to work with, so skilled, and so generous.
See you next time!
Cat Martin
Hi Jom,
Just wanted to say a BIG thankyou for the session yesterday!
To say I was daunted before I came is to say the least,
and you made it a completely pleasurable and easy-going experience.
I'm thrilled with the shots and would heartily recommend your work to others looking.
Thanks again, and all the very best.
Kind Regards
Hi Jom
I just wanted to touch base and say hi.
You took my headshot a few years back and my friend Nadya came and had some done last week.
She showed it to me and I have to say, you've definitely not lost your touch. It's a fantastic photo and she's over the moon with it.
Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and well done for doing another wonderful headshot.
Take care,
PS; I love your family photo. Your son is VERY cute. You both must be so proud.
Hi Jom,
Thanks for the email.
We would like to give you some feedback about Carly Tomison�s photographs. They look fantastic and we are both very happy with the result.
Thanks so much and we shall recommend our actors your way should they need to update their headshots.
Vanessa and Miriam