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  • $290
  • 2 Setups
  • Proof sheet
  • 1 retouch
  • 2 prints (8x10) of the retouched shot
  • CD of hi rez and lo rez images
This is a rough example of 2 setups. One light grey background and a black background.
Yours will be different.
We will shoot either "whatever you want," or "whatever we cook up on the day!"
There will be 50 photos on the proof sheet, and 50 images in hi AND lo rez on your CD.
For more explanation of that see here
  • $220
  • 4 or 5 setups including a full length
  • No proof sheet
  • No retouching
  • CD of hi rez and lo rez images
This is a quick shoot showing an extra's range.
Agents like variety because the jobs that come up require all kinds of different characters.
  • $120
  • 3 setups including a full length
  • CD of hi rez and lo rez images
Kids shoots need to be quick because most kids don't really have the attention span to hang around!
Info below is old info but it still applies...
I have not put my prices up in years!

Instead of charging a small amount up front,
and then adding costs and charges until it ends up really expensive,
I just charge a fair price for everything you need...

You need...
  • the shoot (100 or 200 so shots on my pro digital camera)

  • We will choose a short list of 50 which I will print out as 2 A4 proof sheets of 25

  • I will retouch one shot for you on the spot

  • you get two 8x10inch prints of that hero shot. At the session

  • I will resize the hero shot to "Showcast" size (689 x 860 pixels), optimise it for internet use, and email it to you so you have it in your computer ready to send off to websites, or as an email attachment.

  • I will also give you a CD at the end of your session with the best 50 pics on it in high rez, which you can use for printing.

  • Also on that CD are the best 50 pics on it in low rez, ready to upload to showcast etc, or attach to emails.

  • The photos on your CD are NOT watermarked or copyrighted in any way. You are free to use them as much as you like.

  • and best of all... the shoot takes 2 hours including
    free use of my wardrobe and powder
    choosing shots
    2 proof sheets
    2 8x10 prints
    CD with 50 best shots
    full usage rights

    No travelling back and forth

The price for this excellent service is only $250 including GST.
Remember that these photos are designed to produce income for you.
Don't waste your time by trying to save money on a cheap headshot, you will lose work opportunities and waste time.
If you are heading overseas, get your shots done by me. A comparable shot in New York costs $1000 US and in LA about $750 US.

Make-Up Prices

My lovely wife is a trained make up artist and can do a fantastic natural looking make up for you for only $100 for girls and $50 for men. This must be booked in advance as it takes an hour for girls, and half an hour for men.


More info

I mentioned a colour setup ... click here to see how that works
If you want to see my diary and plan a date look here.

PLEASE include your MOBILE NUMBER when making a booking