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When I shoot a photo on my pro digital camera,
it is in high resolution (hi rez).
It is 5 MEGA bytes in size.
It is big.
At actual size, it is WAY bigger than my computer monitor.
It will print perfectly sharp, up to the size of a street poster.

It is 3280 x 4096 pixels.
A pixel is a little square.
Same as on your TV.
Your most amazing new Hi Def TV is 1920 by 1080 pixels
My hi rez pic photo has more pixels. (3280 by 4096)
See the individual pixels in the extreme close up below
When you get millions of pixels together it looks like a normal picture.
That's what megapixels are.
That's ... Hi Rez
So what's the problem?
It's too big!
  • It's too big to attach to an email.
  • It clogs up your agent's computer.
  • Is is rude to upload it to Showcast or AT2.
  • Nobody needs to see the veins in your eyes.
  • It's just too damn big.

I do give you the hi rez photos on your CD.
You can print them out.
I also, for free, put the digital photos into the Photoshop computer program, and change their size to 993 x 1240 pixels.
And I give them to you as well. In a second folder.
993 x 1240 is the acting industry agreed size for lo rez photos.
That's this big...
I have not shown a photo because this web page is already heavy enough.
Low rez (993 x 1240) is still big enough to load slowly and chew up your monthly data allowance.
A low rez photo is around 400 KILO bytes in size. That's about 1/3 of a Megabyte. That is 1/20 th of the data size of the same photo in Hi Rez. If you hold your arms out as far as you can reach, that is how big the Hi Rez one would be in comparison.
See below the actual size of a low rez photo at 100% on a big computer monitor.
It is perfectly big enough to see what you look like.
Many agencies will show it on their websites even smaller.
Lo rez is for internet use.
You can't print them bigger that 10 cm wide or else they look like this:
So, to summarise:
You get...
  • 50 hi rez photos in a folder. Use these ones for printing.
  • 50 lo rez photos in a folder. Use these ones for internet.
* Yes, boffins, the numbers are ever so slightly rounded off.
This page is simplified for those with a life outside the monitor!