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Young Actor Charlie Veitch without make-up.
Note the red areas and the uneven colouring.
Charlie Veitch with Neuda's make-up.
Note the smooth polished tones.
Make up really helps me to get great shots
It's a paradox... but you can see someone's face
clearer with make up.
It hides all the texture and shine
and all the other distractions,
and puts the shading where it should be.
My wife Neuda is a formally trained
and experienced make up artist.
She can do your make up here.
The advantage of her doing it here,
is that she knows EXACTLY how it will look
under MY lights, on MY camera.
Another advantage is that I can
send you back to her for corrections,
or changes,
sometimes even 2 or 3 times
(more! more!... poor Nezzie)
It is a time consuming, meticulous, exact
and labour intensive process,
so I am sorry we have to charge...
$100 for women (takes 1 hour)
$50 for men (takes 30 minutes)
That's Nezzie doing a blow dry (also $50 bucks)

Hair straightening is also $50... except...
Hard experience has shown that people with
massive amounts of thick, curly hair can take
much longer than is fair for $50.
If you have such hair,
please let us know when booking.
The above pic shows YOUR NORMAL STREET MAKE UP
The following pic shows OUR PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP
It is MUCH stronger.
The lips have the actual colour.
The eyes pop.
The mascara is PERFECT.
The flesh has TONE.
It takes a FULL HOUR. (for women)
Actually studio make up is a bit strong,
to the eye, in real life.
Just as your normal street make up is
too wishy washy for photography.
If you are doing your own... make sure that
you have the correct colours for your skin.
Throw that Woolworths make up away.
You need industrial strength coverage.
Not-so-good for photography are anything
with a UV reflective component... i.e a very high SPF factor,
and (mostly) ... cheap mineral make up.
Also avoid a dewy make up. (unless you are under 17)
It is too shiny for photography.
Matt make up still rules the day.
Above: No Make-Up

Below: with Neuda's make-up
The above example also shows the difference between a
"natural" shot lit with daylight (very trendy right now)
and a proper studio studio shot with
creative lighting which brings out your best.
Look at American TV shows.
You don't see them shooting "natural"  !!!
Above: No Make-Up

Below: with Neuda's make-up
Now a women's make-up:
Above: Yvonne Goldsmith-Vasquez with no make up.
Below: 3 different make ups, each displaying
               a different aspect of Yvonne.

PLEASE include your MOBILE NUMBER when making a booking