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A "loser" shot
This idea first came to me when a brilliant actor, Michael Howlett from On Set Talent, came to me for his headshot. He mostly plays cool guys. Fashionable... smart... you know.
At the end of his shoot, he pulled out these crazy glasses and said "At the end of castings I put these on. I get heaps of work out of it."
He does a great nerd!
Wow! This was actually a new way to think about Actor's Headshots.
They are not "a window into the soul."
They are not "the real you."
They are a marketing tool to advertise you to clients.

Showcast and AT2 allow you 4 or more photos.
In the USA you'll see 4 glam "lifestyle" photos of an actor pooncing about a photo studio... But this is Austraaaalia!
Why not use that space to advertise your characters???
You can not be all things to all people. But you can be 2 things. Or 3!
Advertising, comedy and TV has a voracious appetite for characters. Not every character is the hero. Or cute. Or a bloody cop!
Since my epiphany I have encouraged actors to maybe throw in a "loser" photo to nab those random jobs.
Another example.
Peter Theodore. Great Guy. Great Actor.
A good sport.
Why not throw in another character ??? Clients can buy you "ready to wear."
Same with Michael Cullen... Great actor. Lovely bloke.
Also gets a lot of work in ads, and comedy roles, as a "bewildered, set-upon average guy, not too smart"
We laughed our arses off shooting the "loser shot" below.
"Ooooohhww!... Why is this happening??? ... again!"
How much do I charge for a loser shot setup?
Thirty bucks!
If that is all too scary, maybe you could see yourself doing a
"character shot."