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James Caitlin
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the guy in the 1940's
Frankie Oatway as
a tough cockney
Danny Morgan
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Laura Davies
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Rahel Abdulrahman
Rahel Abdulrahman
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Joe Brown
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More about the new way to think about Actor's Headshots.
They are not "a window into the soul."
They are not "the real you."
They are a marketing tool to advertise you to clients.

Showcast and AT2 allow you 4 or more photos.
Why not use that space to advertise your other characters?
Pick up some random jobs floating around?

A Textbook Example ... Cindi Knapton's new Headshots
Cindi first came to me over a year ago
and had the usual flattering shots done,
picked the prettiest one,
and had me retouch it to death. (below)
In a wonderful, remarkable and commendable "cleansing of the doors of perception" she realised that she would do better to come clean, be herself, and put it all out there!
Those glamour-puss jobs go to a small circle of old pro's anyway. More success is to be had at the fringes of the market. When you think about it, only a small number of the acting roles are for raving beauties.
Go for the character roles instead! There are more of them!
Below are the new "character shots" in order from naughty to nice...
What did I charge her for this? ... ... $300
Why so cheap? ... been here before discount.
Clothing immaculately organised.
Emotionally mature and realistic.
Ideas storyboarded.
No retouching required.
and .. most importantly... fun!
A true professional.

FYI, here is her actor description from StarNow...
Cindi Knapton
50 from New South Wales, Australia
Active and Award Winning Participant in Theatrical groups
such as Actors Anonymous, Writers Anonymous, Crash Test Drama,
Short+Sweet, AND Playtime.
Mature Female with range to play typical Housewife, Auntie,
High Powered Executive, or Extreme Characters of Farce.
Authentic American Accent--Native of San Diego, Family from Southern US

THAT is how you do it !!!
Another Example
Adrian Honner. Really a nice guy. His headshots are ...
1. lifestylee, and 2. "strong B&W"
It's not enough.
Doesn't do him justice.
He plays a fantastic warrior. Shoot a character shot as well!
Ali Aitken. English rose. Covered off the B&W and the lifestyle shot.
Not enough. Selling her short.
She is a complex individual.
Instead of going for "pretty" I was hell bent on exploring the dark side.
I got her to dag herself up a bit and inhabit some nasty characters!
You've heard of speed dating??     Around here it's speed acting!!!
Barry Eaton. Veteran ABC presenter and producer.
Did the nice guy photos.
If you look at the TV you'll see that most of the roles are mean, naughty people.
Put your self up for them!
I got Barry to be "Hitler in the Bunker" for this character shot.