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Parking at Jom Photography
The first photo shows the car park (blue fence) and if you look to main road
on the right (that's New South Head Road)
and down,
you will see the "NO LEFT TURN" sign.
You can't tell from this angle, but it is a steep,
sharp and generally impossible corner.
Fortunately, if you back track twenty metres,
just after "Flavour of India" and "UNIVERSAL LIGHTING",
you will see a little laneway. This is where you turn left.
It is also the spot where there is some street art by Bruno Dutot.
Note the lighting in the shop window below far left.
At the top of that laneway you can do a U-Turn
and come back down again towards Edgecliff Centre.
As you get to the corner, drive into car park.
If you are coming from the OTHER direction down New South Head Road
(ie from Double Bay or Ocean Street)... towards Sydney from the East
you CAN turn right at the lights.

To turn into my driveway - straight away -

maybe stick your arm out the window
to indicate, or put your hazard lights on or something.
Lots of hasty drivers in this neighbourhood!
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Jom Photography.
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