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"In the life of a man,
his time is but a moment...
his sense, a dim rushlight.
All that is body is as coursing waters...
all that is of the soul, as dreams, and vapors."

                          Marcus Aurelius
I don't charge much.
Therefore, I need to keep things ticking along.
Please try not to steal my time.
My pet hate is people who come early.
The problem with coming early is that nobody is there to see it!
And we have nowhere to put you.
And you are interrupting someone else's shoot.
I don't care if you are late.
That is your time.
So if you are going to be late, don't stress!
Just keep moving along.
You'll most likely not be as late as you think!
if you stress, you'll get hot and sweaty and need to cool down for ages.
Plan ahead, go into Edgecliff Shopping Centre if you are early, and RELAX!
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