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CORPORATE Headshots by Jom CORPORATE Headshots by Jom
Most of my work is corporate headshots nowadays.
But the bohemian is never far away.
I love to hang out for 2 hours and play with a fellow artiste!
I charge $400, shoot maybe 500 photos, narrow it down to about 100 shots.
You can see 27 of the 100 here.
I give you them on a Thumb drive in Hi and Lo rez.
These photos are of a ROCKIN young guy named Orlando Norman.
He was referred to me by Charmaine Gilchrist.
Jessica Sterling actor photos
This is the 8 best shots from a shoot of Jessica Sterling from 2019.
There were 450 shots altogether, and I put 122 on a thumb drive for her: in hi-rez, and lo-rez.
This is our 4th shoot together.
Talk about a happy customer!
Leonardo actor's Headshots
I am located in Edgecliff, Sydney.
I have a great studio with car parking.
From 8am to 6pm, call 9327 1495 to book a shoot.

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Jom Photo - the finest quality Corporate Headshots in Sydney.

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