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JOM photo and CBA aligned since 1999.

In 1999 I had a friend in at CBA. She got me started, and promptly left the bank.
I have managed to stay on as a supplier at CBA,
on merit alone,
for 20 years.
old photo taken at CBA
In 2001 I took this photo for CBA in Pitt St. Everyone loved it. Apparently they were "crazy about it" and I was instantly "the guy!"
Every month since then I have worked for CBA shooting headshots.
John from CBA Shot on Hasselblad
Through many iterations of style,
 Tom Piotrovski-with-TV
evolving to the current "warm neutral" background.
This background was developed with a talented designer, Natasha Meuli.
She left CBA and is now in the fashion biz.
It was designed to work well with CBA yellow and black.

There is also another shot, the "out the window" which is much easier, but not matching the standard.
The photos benefit the bank by projecting an expression of confidence and friendliness. Also when someone looks at a pleasing photo of themselves, it floods them with feel-good serotonin. When they see an ugly photo of themselves, stress hormones such as cortisol are expressed.
Nobody benefits fom that.
Also employee time wasted is very minimal as I am so quick.
Slowly my reputation has grown and now I am notorious for making people look amazingly good, so there is always a demand when I inform people of my periodic shoot.
First come, best dressed.
If you are super pressed for time, usually the people waiting won't mind if we play you through (take your photo first). They can see the queue is moving, not stuck.
If you work in a building which is inaccessible to DP1,
I am always delighted to colonise further!
Please send an email to ... e-mail-
if I can give you any info or a quote.
Jom-and-Nezzie on Location at CBA
As regards invoices:
They are issued when the job is done and everyone is happy.
There are several payment options.
1) usually I invoice the EA for as many people as they have, from 1 to 20 or whatever!
I have a CBA Supplier number.
2) People with no EA, I can invoice direct and they can follow the Paypal link on the (Quickbooks) invoice, or CC over the phone.
3) People for whom the bank is not paying can save $200 on the individual studio price, and pay for it themselves. ($120 plus GST).
Paypal link on the (Quickbooks) invoice(preferred), or CC over the phone.
My personal philosophy is that a headshot should be "likeable" first and foremost.
This is achieved by a fun demeanour on top of technical mastery and photoshopping if necessary.
At CBA there is no central "Headshots Department," so I have a mailing list of EA's who I inform whenever I am shooting at a CBA premises.
It is a slow process to "spread the word."
It has taken me 20 years to build my reputation and mailing list.

A couple of random testimonials:

Hi Jom,
Thank you for the time you took to take all our photos, thank you for making the photo shoot so easy and relaxing.  
You laughed and joked through the process while trying to bring out the best in me at the same time.  
I really appreciate the follow up emails and photo touch ups.  
You are amazing at what you do, there is a lot of work that goes into photography, yet you made the time to make each response personalised.  
You take a lot of pride in what you do and I wanted to thank you for being such a champion.  
I hope you go on to have an extremely successful year ahead of you.  
Thank you again for creating magic!  
Kind Regards,  
Mr X
PDM Treasury Analyst
Post Deal Management
Level 26, 201 Sussex Street

Sydney NSW 2000
Our vision is to excel at securing and enhancing the financial wellbeing of people, businesses and communities.  

Hi Jom
Thank you so much!
Quality picture.
Made my Monday your words of wisdom!
If you are ever back at CBA by another personal assistant then please let me know,
I have some friends interested in a picture for the next time.
Thank you again

Love it!
Besides, who am I to argue with a professional ?!?
Fantastic job.
(I’ve tried a few goes at getting photos done before
and this is the first one that looks presentable enough to put out there,
so thank you very much).
I will be recommending you to others… best in town by a mile J

Hi Jom,
Thanks very much for the photo. It looks perfect!
Kind regards,

Hi Jom,
I’ve never looked better.
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    Jom Photo - the friendliest and most creative Corporate Headshots in Sydney
    Level 1, 136 New South Head Road Edgecliff NSW Sydney 2027 Australia
    Car park and studio entrance on Darling Point Rd near train station
    Daytime phone mobile 0414 936 145  email
    Click here to book in right now