JOM PHOTO - 136 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff - opposite train station
Free car park and studio entrance on Darling Point Rd Edgecliff Sydney NSW
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My studio is at 136 New South Head Road,
The entrance door is at rear.
Enter via Darling Point road.
If you catch a train, get off at Edgecliff Station.
Exit the normal way.
As you come out of the station, there is a pedestrian crossing
which crosses the big main road (New South Head Road).
Go across the road.
Turn left and go down to the FIRST corner.
It is less than 100 metres.
There is a caffé latté coloured building
on the corner there... That's us!
If you cross another road,
or start walking down a hill,
you have gone too far!

This is the FIRST corner you come to.
NOTE ... you have to enter from the back of the building.
Go around the corner and enter through the side gate.
walking back
Then you have to turn around and go BACK slightly up hill.
walking back
Back around the corner
And this gate is my entrance

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    Jom Photo - the friendliest, most creative Corporate Headshots in Sydney
    Level 1, 136 New South Head Road Edgecliff NSW 2027 Australia
    Corner of Darling Point Road. Opposite Edgecliff Station
    studio land line 9327 1495     mobile 0414 936 145
    e-mail-   website-
    Either phone us in business hours, or
    Click here for ONLINE BOOKINGS right now