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Some tips for makeup
for photography.

Photography makeup is not daily makeup.
It is very different!
What looks fine to the naked eye
is inadequate when you see a photo.
A make up that looks quite strong in reality
will photograph perfectly and look correct in a photo.
The first fact that shocks most people,
is that normal daytime make up looks pretty much
transparent to the camera with flashes.
To get skin to look like skin, it requires
very matte products and full coverage. Not necessarily thick, but most definitely opaque,
and not translucent.
Or shiny.
Your street make up.
Pretty much invisible.
The pleasing skin tones of
professional coverage.
Add retouching and one’s virtue
is visible and good for business.
Side note:
Never use glitter for portraiture.
The little mirrors reflect the surroundings:
either pure white (the lights),
but mostly black (the surroundings which are not lit up).
Not good. You want smooth graduations from dark to light...
not dots of white/ black which do not move (still image).
Glitter is one of those things that look wonderful in motion,
but when frozen lose all charm.
Same as a fluttering flag. The photos all look wrong.
Glitter looks like blobs of dirt. And white specks!
The same applies to shiny, dewy, wet look,
glowing healthy look or whatever name comes up.
The skin is reflective enough! Matte it down.
If you let it shine you will have pure white dots of highlight shining back.
Let me do the "glow" with the lighting.
shiny makeup orf the telly
To summarise the general rules:
A fresh natural look is better for headshot photography.
That does not mean light makeup by daily makeup standards.
You still need to apply a good foundation
with coverage of every bit of skin. Stronger tones than general daytime use.
Avoid false eyelashes. They are obvious.
Unless you use single lashes. VERY difficult on oneself.
Matte not shiny. Unless you have the skin of a 12 year old.
Some more points:
Match your foundation to your chest area.
Apply it with a clean damp sponge or foundation brush.
Be meticulous in blending all the way to your ears,
down your neck and chest area if your skin is a bit blotchy.
Avoid shimmery eye-shadows, and definitely no metallics.
Matte or satin, neutral colours (bone, taupe, grey) work best for head shots
Mascara: if yours is older than 3 months, invest in a new one.
Mascaras dry out after a while and get too clumpy and cloggy.
It does not look good in photography.
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